The Do's and Don'ts of smart casual clothing
16 Oct

The Do's and Don'ts of smart casual clothing

Nowadays, some companies are strict smart casual dress code. And preferring a more lenient intelligent casual dress code. The perspective of people towards dressing is changing. The organizations are starting to support this change.  We have discussed about do’s and don’ts of smart casual clothing.

Do's of smart clothing

Think Creatively

Never be shy in being very smart and creative to make full use of your fashion items. Maybe a stylish mixture of a button-down with a casual shirt and formal pants on white sneakers is a great way to dress up for work. Wearing shorts and some summer dresses is relaxed but too informal for a business setting while wearing a whole suit is still very formal, so why not something in between?


Add a blazer

If you don't want to go shopping for a whole new outfit, a blazer could be your new best friend. You could get away with smart jeans and a t-shirt underneath if you choose correctly. Tweed blazers are great to purchase as they are easily dressed up or down. There are best trends in men's fashion that aren't going anywhere anytime soon, so it's a significant investment.


Throw Some Dark Shades

Dark shades would be the best option if you decided to go casual smart. For instance, imagine if you wear a blue jacket with some stonewashed jeans and white trainers. Now replace the blue color with dark navy and stonewashed jeans with indigo one. The overall effects are unique. It will makeover the whole outfit into a dressier one.


DON'T of smart casual clothing

Wear rips

Jeans have become more acceptable in many organizations within the smart casual dress code. However, rips are one step too far. Despite them being in each store in the market and the most men's wardrobes, ripped jeans are unlikely ever to be, considered smart, even smart casual. So we say to jeans, yes, and no to rips.


Mix & Match

In case you don't have time for shopping, you can create a whole new outfit right from the existing wardrobe. But don't Mix and Match dark colors and odd look. If you take a look inside your dressing room, you'll find a lot of neglected pieces of clothes that haven't been worn in ages. A mock neck on jeans and a special blazer can be incredibly chic; worn with high heels is a plus. Tweed blazers are among the biggest men and women's fashion casual styles, especially during the winter season.


Be afraid to dyke the tie

A smart outfit for people would usually include a tie or bow tie. One of the simple ways to dress down the suit is to ditch the neck wear and unbutton a few buttons to chic casual. No shopping required, only a simple transition from smart to relax in a few seconds.


Be too sporty

Sportswear is sensitive to the mainstream fashion left, right, and center, but that doesn't mean it is always the right choice depending on the occasion.  Sporty dressing is a big no to office.

A smart pair of crisp white can be a good look with a stylish outfit, but sports clothing such as hoodies or tracksuits are a definite no-no. As a general casual dressing rule for smart casual, limit the sportswear to your feet.

Keeping a consistent impression about yourself, no matter what type of organization you're working in helps maintain a professional environment between you and your colleagues.

Just remember, the best thing you can wear is your confidence. So long as you're feeling good, and you're comfy, that's the only thing that matters!


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